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Bespoke projects with conversation at their heart!

We run bespoke creative projects that sit outside the traditional theatre space. Each project uses The Wardrobe Ensemble's non hierarchical, collaborative creative process to start conversations and make connections with communities: young, old, rural, urban, those with an interest in theatre, and those who have never seen a show before. Each project will be guided creatively by those that we're working with. 

We'll often use our touring shows as a jumping off point for discussion. A way for us to bring our conversations out of the rehearsal room and into a public space. A way for us to listen, learn and reflect. However, the focus isn't about making theatre, but rather using devising techniques to make connections between participants. It might have nothing to do with theatre at all.

The aims of these projects are to:

  • Build understanding of different viewpoints.

  • Meet new people.

  • Rethink ones perspective.

  • Make an active change to ones life.

Previous projects include: The Intergenerational Sessions & Exhibition; Family Day; The Frontier Sessions; The Sex Museum.

Get in touch with Emily at to have a chat about how we can collaborate.

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