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by The Wardrobe Ensemble

Developed at The National Theatre Studio, Bristol Ferment and Berkshire Fringe

A tale of the thirty three men stuck half a mile under the ground,

the journalists in the desert above them

and the world that watched them from afar.


The Wardrobe Ensemble return with a new play: 33, their version of the Chilean miner crisis of 2010.


Using soulful stories, macho choreography and original music, The Wardrobe Ensemble mythologise the modern legend of men on the brink of death, fame and madness.


A tale of friendship, hope and Elvis Presley,

33 takes you beyond the newsrooms, past the cameras

and leaves you 2,000 feet under the ground.

33 was developed at The National Theatre Studio, Bristol Ferment, Berkshire Fringe Festival (USA).


“An amazing story – and an amazing performance... a compelling show, which entertains just as much as it poses questions... evoking every feeling from claustrophobia to euphoria.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby on 33



“…a fast-paced, shape-shifting drama…by flatly rejecting any audience expectation for verisimilitude, Wardrobe clears the way for a direct sense of human empathy.”

The Boston Globe on 33


Written and created by the company


Emily Greenslade, Kerry Lovell, Jesse Meadows, Helena Middleton, James Newton, Ben Vardy, Edythe Woolley

Directed by

Tom Brennan

Associate Director

Jesse Jones


Edythe Woolley


Milo Digby

Production assistant

Kat Stokes

Production photography

Owain Shaw, Kitty Wheeler Shaw, Sam Smith

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