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Eliza and the Wilds Swans

by The Wardrobe Ensemble

A Bike Shed Theatre & Wardrobe Ensemble Co-Production. Developed at The National Theatre Studio. Supported by Arts Council England

“When it all comes apart at the seams and you’ve got nothing left but a handful of nettles and blisters, fight on dear Eliza, fight on.”


We’ve a story to tell. Come inside and drink some nettle tea to escape the troubles of the cold, windy world.


Across the northern seas is a town where it’s Winter all year round. Superstition rules and folk wear long coats of feathers and fur, in fear of deadly curses.


You’ve never met anyone like Eliza; as silent as a mouse, as determined as a lion and with the heart of a wild swan.


This winter, fly away with us on a quest for family, love and redemption in a bold adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale Wild Swans. As sharp as a nettle sting, as tender as a bird’s wing and as refreshing as Russia’s icy wind, Eliza and the Wild Swans will transport you to another universe.


Suitable for children over eight, this is the perfect Christmas production to beat away the cold northern winds.

Eliza and The Wild Swans was developed at The Bike Shed Theatre and The National Theatre Studio in the Autumn and Winter of 2013.


It was performed at The Bike Shed Theatre for audiences in the southwest across the Christmas season of 2013/2014.

"Imagination is the cornerstone of this very inventive production... a deliciously different tale... unforgettable."

Western Morning News

Written and created by the company


Kerry Lovell, Jesse Meadows, Ben Callon, Ben Osborne, Ben and Ben Vardy

Directed by

Fiona Mikel

Creative Associate

Miranda Cromwell


Liesel Corp


Sam Hollis-Pack

Assistant Director 

Leigh Toney
Show image
Anne-Marie Jones
Initial development
Tom Brennan, Andy Kelly, Helena Middleton, James Newton

Production photography

David Williams

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