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by The Wardrobe Ensemble

Supported by Bristol Old Vic

An epic tale of violence, greed and cheap sofas.


10 February 2005. At the stroke of midnight the British public punch, kick, strangle and eventually stab their way to £45 sofas and £35 bed frames at the opening of their favourite Swedish furniture store.


Riot is a true story set in a lamp-lit flat-pack universe bursting with violence, chaos and more characters than you can throw a meatball at.


Hammered together with physical theatre and music, The Wardrobe Ensemble tear up the instructions and disregard the diagrams to construct a comedic tragedy of a thoroughly modern kind.

RIOT was developed at Bristol Old Vic and premiered there in June 2011.


Since then it has been performed over 200 times at venues across the UK and US including Edinburgh Fringe and The National Theatre.


“A cutting accuracy that draws genuine belly-laughs from the audience... a peerless performance”

★★★★★ Whats On Stage on RIOT 

Written and created by the company


Tom Brennan, Emily Greenslade, Jesse Jones, Kerry Lovell, Jesse Meadows, Helena Middleton, James Newton, Ben Vardy and Edythe Woolley

Directed by

Tom Brennan


Edythe Woolley

Production Photography

Chris Collier

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