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The Deep Sea Seekers

by The Wardrobe Ensemble

The Wardrobe Theatre and The Wardrobe Ensemble Co-production

The Wardrobe Ensemble - Deep Sea Seekers

The Deep Sea Seekers is the third collaboration between the company and The Wardrobe Theatre as they continue to work together to develop shows for younger years.


Developed at The National Theatre Studio

The Deep Sea Seekers is available for touring.

Written and created by the company


Jack Drewry, Jesse Meadows, Ben Vardy

Directed by

Helena Middleton


Nicola Holter


Chris Collier

Composer and Sound Design

Jack Drewry


Matthew Whittle

Flyer & Poster Design

Matthew Whittle

Younger Years Producer

Emily Greenslade

Production Assistant

Hope Parish

Production photography

Jack Offord

After stunning audiences at The National Theatre with The Star Seekers, Alph, Betty and Gammo are back for their third adventure! A brand new family show for ages 3-8 from The Wardrobe Ensemble and The Wardrobe Theatre.

Have you ever dreamt of swimming with a pod of dolphins?
Having an arm wrestle with an octopus?
Exploring the depths of the ocean in a high-tech submarine?
Join The Wardrobe Ensemble and The Wardrobe Theatre for an enchanting, interactive journey across the seven seas where YOU take the steering wheel!

Following on from the stellar success of The Star Seekers and The Time Seekers, comes a brand new mission: The Deep Sea Seekers! Join Alph, Betty and Gammo for an exhilarating, warm, audience driven children’s show that journeys through our oceans meeting incredible creatures, exploring unmapped shores and tackling unwelcome plastic. Pack your snorkel and flippers and get ready to explore the deep with songs, humour and lots of audience interaction. Alph, Betty and Gammo need Bristol’s Deep Sea Seekers to help us complete our latest mission and answer one of the greatest questions of all time – what is a humpback whale’s favourite song?

"It perfectly balances interesting facts with utter silliness, taking all the Deep Sea Seekers in the audience, both young and old, on a dive into the ocean’s depths."

"For many in the audience, this will be their very first experience of live theatre, and I can’t imagine a better show for first-timers.  I am sure that any children who see The Deep Sea Seekers will have had a rollicking good time, and they will have learned some important lessons, too. They will want to return to the theatre again and again."

StageTalk Magazine ★★★★★

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