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The Wardrobe Ensemble at The Theatre on the Downs


WINNERS was premiered at our brand new venue, The Theatre on the Downs, from 10th- 28th August 2021.

Devised and written by the company.

Directors – Jesse Jones and Helena Middleton
Cast – Tom England, Hanora Kamen, Joseph Langdon, Kerry Lovell, Jesse Meadows, James Newton, Ben Vardy

Designer – Ruby Spencer Pugh
Composer - Mwen 

Sound Design – Jack Drewry
Lighting Design – Rajiv Pattani
Stage Manager - Maddie Coward

Original Art Work - Rachel Bonner
Assistant Director - Sky Cottis
Production Manager - Leila Glen

Company Producer - Hannah Smith

Engagement Producer - Emily Greenslade
Additional devising - Tom Brennan

Show Image - Rachel Bonner

Production Photography - Chelsey Cliff


WINNERS is kindly supported by Arts Council England

“My whole life is about winning. I don’t lose often. I almost never lose.” Donald J Trump. 

Lights, sequins, burgers, hot fries and thick shakes, join us for a fast-food filled theatrical extravaganza. Our boss is a washed up zombie clown who’s been dying to tell you what life is like for the winners in this world. And then there are the workers, just trying to earn a buck.

Strap in for a time travelling thrill ride that rattles through the ages, bursting from the fertile ground beneath our earliest ancestors and crash-landing on the burning carcass of the planet itself. A fantastical look at manipulation, monopoly and money, capitalism and currency, we dare you not to enjoy it.  

A brand new show and return to live performance from the multi-award winning company who brought you Education, Education, Education, 1972: The Future of Sex and RIOT.

To view our WINNERS resources page click here.  

“Expansive parody of capitalism pops with kinetic energy.”
The Guardian

“a clownish, vaudevillian pageant, firing on all cylinders with no respite for the cheerleading performers”
★★★★ The Stage

"a flawless performance."
★★★★★ A Younger Theatre

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