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Based on the books by Babette Cole, adapted by The Wardrobe Ensemble
A The Wardrobe Ensemble, Wayward Theatre co-production

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Alice Vilanculo - Princess Smartypants

Jesse Meadows - The Queen

Tom England - Prince Swashbuckle

Eva Redman - Amazonia Sizzleflame

Directed by

Tom Brennan


James Newton


Ruby Pugh


Rachel Duthie

Additional devising by Kerry Lovell, Jesse Jones, Emily Greenslade, Helena Middleton, Ben Vardy

A subversive, fun-filled adventure for children and their families.

Princess Smartypants does not want to get married. She wants to carry on making music with her menagerie of monstrous pets, but the King and Queen have other ideas... Find out how Princess Smartypants fights to preserve her independence in this hilarious fairy-tale-with-a-difference. Full of songs and madcap comedy, Princess Smartypants is a treat for all the family.

Perfect for anyone who is fed up of traditional fairy tales and wants to see what happens when girls are in charge of the castle. 

Originally published in 1986, Princess Smartypants is a classic of feminist revisionism for children. It has now been translated into 32 languages and sold over a million copies worldwide.

In Spring 2024, The Wardrobe Ensemble will adapt these charming yet subversive books for stage, in collaboration with Wayward Productions. Enter the world of Princess Smartypants and her friends, including her menagerie of Dragonocodiles, Pollycrocs, and other monstrous pets. You’ll even get to meet some of the hapless princes – those the princess hasn’t turned into toads!

Princess Smartypants premiers at The Watermill Theatre, Newbury, before travelling to The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, Arts Depot, Finchley and the Lyric Studio, Hammersmith.


Lyric Hammersmith

28th May-1st June

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​ “Babette Cole…is funny, unrestricted and totally unforgettable”

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