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The Forever Machine

by The Wardrobe Ensemble

A collaboration between The Bike Shed Theatre and The Wardrobe Ensemble with Farms for City Children as part of the Exetreme Imagination Festival

After the huge success of Eloise and The Curse of The Golden Whisk, The Wardrobe Ensemble return to The Bikeshed Theatre with a new mind-bending theatrical adventure.

On a farm in the heart of the country
In a rusty red shed
Lies a machine with a mysterious power
It buzzes and clicks and whirs
It’s waiting for you…

Join The Wardrobe Ensemble for a wild sci-fi adventure.
Leap through vortexes in time and space!
Fight demons in the past!
Dance disco in the future!

Inspired by the creative stories of children in the south-west, award-winning company The Wardrobe Ensemble will use the power of electro-beats, bold stagecraft and a host of outrageous characters to bring this curious tale to life.

The Forever Machine was performed at The Bikeshed Theatre in Exeter between the 24th and the 29th of October as part of Exetreme Imagination Festival.

It was re-mounted for The OvalHouse Theatre in Spring 2017.

Ages 7-12




“fast paced, funny but message driven tale in a tight 60 minutes with not a dull moment in sight.”

Tiverton Community Radio


Tom Brennan and Philippa Hogg

Devised by

Tom Brennan, Philippa Hogg and Edythe Woolley

Directed by

Tom Brennan


Rachael Duthie

Stage Manager

Millie Hunt

Show image

Tom Brennan


Matt Austin

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